dollop pomade

dollop pomade combines high quality essential oils, waxes, plants, and aroma to give your hair superior style and texture

dollop pomade - made with natural ingredients

Shelf with tin of dollop pomade surrounded by lush plants and green pottery bowl and jug

Coconut oil: Improving hair health, appearance, and condition, luscious organic, extra virgin cocos nucifera enriches dollop

Rosemary: Vivacious rosemarinus officinalis from Spain is used as a hair tonic to stimulate hair follicles and blood circulation, stirring the senses in a refreshing wake-up call

Castor oil: A heavy, rich Indian plant oil, ricinus communis seamlessly emulsifies the volatile aromatic content of dollop

Lemongrass: Steam-extracted Indonesian cymbopogon flexuosus gives dollop a tangy and healthy kick

dollop pomade stacked on shelf surrounded by green pot plants

Beeswax: Superior, unrefined apis mellifera wax is extracted from Aotearoa New Zealand beehives 

Cedar wood: Himalayan steam-distilled cedrus deodara fortifies dollop with an aromatic anchor

Lemon: Cold-pressed fresh Italian citrus limonum adds a lemony top note to greet the olfactory senses with mellow refreshment to invigorate hair and mind

Avocado oil: Extra virgin perseus americana liquid lipids are cold pressed avocado grown on Aotearoa New Zealand's fertile, sub-tropical plains

dollop pomade testimonials

“I love dollop! Not only does it look after and style my frizzy/fluffy hair it smell amazing too!” 

SG, Stylist

“ A gorgeous product, highly recommended.” 

KR, Online Customer

“I just sold our last tin of dollop two minutes ago, and I have a client here who wants some too! We LOVE it so much, it's amazing” 

BB, Salon Owner + Hairdresser

“I love dollop, it smells so good I want to eat it” 

DM, Shop Manager

“Awesome stuff, my frizzies have gone, and its super shiny, I'm loving it - a great product.” 

RS, Photographer

“It's great to know there are products like dollop being made in New Zealand from natural ingredients that are good for the scalp, hair, and environment. Highly recommend.” 

PR, Online Customer

“I use dollop on some clients with bald heads – I heat the head up with a hot towel,  then apply – they love it, and so do I on my hands. The smell is also calming.” 

DL, Senior Barber


the dollop story

After gaining her International Federation of Practitioners of Aromatherapy Diploma from Aromaflex International Aromatherapy School (now the Aromatic Medicine Institute), Eleanor created dollop pomade in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. She saw a need for an all-natural hair styling product and friends and family quickly caught on. As dollop production increased to meet demand Kirsten joined Eleanor to manage sales and distribution. Eleanor continues to design new products - both cosmetic and therapeutic - and dollop is looking forward to launching these soon.